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The Main Purpose of Social Media

Are you using Social Media to promote your Handmade Product-Based Shop?

My guess is you are using it, but are you using it the right way?

Truth is, Social Media should be a tool, and everything you do there should have a final goal; it can be getting more sales, gain awareness or build a community.

One of the biggest mistakes I see Handmade Shop Owners do is, treating their Social Media account like if it were their personal one; Disorganized, obviously randomly posting, inconsistency on everything and posting unrelated things without a purpose.

No wonder why they do a "30 days reels challenge" and end up burn out and without followers!

Let's see the Purpose of each social media platform and determine the best use for it as a Handmade Business Owner:

Email Marketing

I know, I know, this is not a Social Media Platform, but it is a Marketing tool, the most powerful one nowadays, and in this post I want to talk about Marketing Tools, it would be sin to let Email Marketing out of this list!

So, Email Marketing should be use to nurture your cold leads, and warm them up to make them buy from you.

In English this means that the people that has never heard or seen you or your business before, should join your email list and you give them value (can be information, how to's, entertain them, something they want) to make them trust you and then they will buy for you.

I don't want to go into details, maybe in a different post, but for now let me keep this post simple and to the point, we are talking about purpose not How to grow these Social Media Platforms.


Facebook is a very powerful Marketing Tool, not only because of the number of users the platform has but also the data that it provides form every individual user!

Facebook must also be used to build a community, create a group and share your content there, or keep your page active, people is more willing to talk and share information on Facebook than any other platform, so take advantage of this.


Even though Instagram is a little more difficult to build a community, it's the place to be right now as a small business owner.

It has diverse ways to show your content, you can share amazing pictures, a short video of how you package your products, long videos explaining processes, many interactions on the stories, and go live with many others.

It is true that Facebook can also do all these, but Instagram in my opinion is the best place to show your content and get a good reach of people.

Use Instagram to build awareness, make your brand known sharing related content in every format possible, build connection doing collabs with bigger and smaller accounts and check your competitors marketing strategies by only visiting their pages.


Email Marketing wasn't a Social Media Platform, well Pinterest isn't either (some people claim that with the story Pins it is a Social Media Platform, but even that Pinterest has an unique way of doing it).

Pinterest is an Image Search engine, like Google but instead of showing links, it shows images, so use the right keywords (words your Ideal Client is using to find your products) and the right format (long Pins), and get huge amount of traffic to your website or Ecommerce platform. Check out my Free Pinterest Course Here 

Use Pinterest for traffic, it can be cross platforms (traffic to Facebook or Instagram profile), or straight to your website or even product page!

Also send Pinner to a landing page to join your email list or straight to your Funnel!


Everything you do for your business, should have a purpose.

Stop doing things randomly and give yourself some direction by setting doable goals.

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