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The bubble burst! What to do now?

So, you had a viral video, or an Item that sold like hot cakes for some time!

But now, no matter what you do, you don't seem to get the same results, and you're getting desperate.

Well, these times the most coaching calls I am receiving is people that had an overnight success selling masks, but now that the vaccination is out there they are not getting as many sales as before!

What to do in this case?

Let me walk you through on what to do when your video becomes viral or your item is not selling like before. In this guide I won't give you tips to get viral again or have an overnight success again. I will give you headlines so you can move on and continue with your business, without this unhealthy obsession on getting viral again!

1-. Stop Comparing everything you do with that Viral content or your overnight success:

I have been there too, I had a viral reel, and I know the feeling of getting obsesses with having another video viral. All your new content you do it with the intention of getting viral again, and that's the reason you get even less views.

You see, people can smell desperation, and when you do a piece of content, you should do it for your audience in mind, not for you to get viral!

Try to remember why were you doing the viral content in the first place and recreate it, but with the same feeling and goal, take out of your mind the viral effect!

The same with your overnight success item, just think why you create that item in the first place and try to recreate that!

2-. Accept that it may not happen again:

This one is a tough one, but very true. Your viral or overnight success may not happen again, I am not saying with this that you should give up and stop trying.

But you need to keep the priorities on your business in place!

I don't think when you created this business your goal was create infinity of content to get viral, do you?

set the goals and priorities of your business the right way and you'll keep growing even without a million views!

3-. Get help if you need it:

Likes, Followers and the promise of fame is addictive, and it can affect your personal life and business, if your behaviour in Social Media is affecting your personal life somehow it is a good idea to get help!

Social Media is created like this, to be addictive, so you consume as much content and ads as possible, and spend money there.

If the priorities of your Business are wrong placed, I can help you with that and set them right!

You can always book a free call and I can audit your social Media accounts and give you some tactic to unstuck your business!

Remember to Always do everything thinking on your client, not in getting viral or on you!


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