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Things you need to Understand, as a Small Handmade Business, in order to Succeed in Social Media.

Social Media Growth is not for Everyone

Do you think you are discipline enough to make your small handmade shop grow in Social Media?

Because that's what it takes, discipline to continue posting content, videos, blogs even when you don't want to.

People tend to use their Business Social Media Accounts like if it were their personal one, and then when they don't get results they start to blame the algorithm or start taking shortcuts, like follow loops or engagement groups.

There are 5 things you need to understand as a Small Handmade Business Owner in order to Succeed in Social Media:

1-. Your Business account is not your Personal account

As I mention before, the moment you understand that your Business account is for... BUSINESS, you'll stop taking things personal and start treating it as it is.

Stop trying to make everyone like you, and focus on a small audience which you should convert into a community.

Stop taking personal bad comments and bad reviews, it doesn't mean that they hate you as a person, start listen to them so you start improving your products and your customer service.

2-. Focus on your tribe

The wider the audience you're trying to reach the less people listen, is like trying to scream a message in the middle of the Times Square, believe me, no one will listen.

To make you understand better which you should speak to an specific audience, let me illustrate you with an example; It's your wedding, or your daughter's, and you are in charge of choosing the photographer, you get 2 options.

   Option 1-. A photographer that takes pictures of everything, in his portfolio you can find Industrial Machines, Flowers, babies, electronics and a few wedding pictures.

   Option 2-. A photographer which portfolio contains only wedding pictures.

If my guess is right you would prefer the one that focus only on wedding pictures, I don't know about you but I wont risk my wedding photos with someone that does everything, I would prefer someone more expert in the subject.

So it is the same, people will always prefer the one with "most expertise", this work with products as well, if you offer only Home Decor, stick to it, people will even start asking you for advice.

3-. Following Big Companies Strategies

So, you're a new small shop, don't expect to have the same traction as Nike or other big companies.

This ones is very common, small shop owners make a give away, very few people sign up and they get very discourage-

When I dig better and study the case, I realize that they didn't do anything to track attention, they announced the give away in some post and stories, and that's it, they sat down and wait for the people to line up for their product.

Let's take a reality pill, your product can be awesome, but if you are only starting, true is nobody even know you exist.

Or maybe you have some time in the industry, still you need to market yourself enough to be able to be recognize.

4-. Sit down and wait for the customers to find them

Well I talked a little bit about this one in the last point.

Did you know that now 71% of businesses only in the United States claim to use Instagram, and 7 of 10 Hashtags are branded? Source here

That's a lot of noise trying to get people's attention, which by the way it's in decline.

Meaning you have around 5 to 8 seconds to get the attention of someone.

Knowing all this, do you think people will just come to you?


You need to find them, and convince them to buy from you!

Go to the hashtags of your audience and make engage with people there.

Engage with big accounts in your niche.

Engage with smaller accounts in your niche.

You'll see a boost in your growing, but be patience, people need to see your product at least 8 times to buy from you, which takes me to the last point.

5-. Showing too much, selling too little

My guess is, you're showing all your products in your Instagram feed, like if it was your shop apparel.

It's not! You must have a signature product, which is the one you show the most.

You can have collections with specific items, and launch it.

what's the point of this? you don't overwhelm your audience showing a new product every day!

As I mention before the attention span of a person is very short, if you show them a product once, chances are they won't even remember it after the next minute!

Show it 8 times and they will buy!

So, show only one or a series of products, max 3, not to overwhelm and lose the little interest your audience has for it!

Now about selling too little, with this I am not saying to go and spam DMs or comments to your followers, BIG NO!

Only be clear on what your product offer, show it many times with a good written caption!

you'll see the sales flow!


Follow these and your Handmade shop will be selling in no time!!!

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