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Find your Brand's Identity

Quick guide for Handmade Business Owners

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If you are having troubles giving an identity to your brand, chances are that you are going for everything new that comes to your mind and don't stick with what you decide.

Your brand must have it's own personality!

I know, everyone in the Internet is saying that you are your brand and you should show your face.

But that advice is more relevant for services, as their product is intangible, they need to give it something tangible, which usually is their faces, along with their personality.

As what you are selling is a physical product, is not imperative that your brand is yourself, you can totally create a whole new personality for your Brand and it may or may not be related to you!

For some creating a new personality is easier, but for others using their own personality is better, you do what fits you better and which you feel more comfortable with, no room for judgement here.

This step will help you find your Brand Identity, whether it is yourself or a new created personality:

Discover your Brand Archetype

Brand Archetypes is a Framework that shows different types of personalities that people relate to and can be applied to your Brand.

Each one of them gives to your clients emotions that triggers them to take action towards something and it's an easier way to find and stick with your Brand Personality.

Define the audience you want to attract and choose your Brand Archetype, it will help you decide others aspects of your Brand, like colour palette, keywords and more.

Download the Free Brand Archetypes guide by clicking the image below:


Still not sure of which is your Brand Archetype?

You can take the free survey HERE.

I hope this is useful for you, and helps you find the clarity you are looking for.

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