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Why are my Etsy, Instagram or Facebook Ads not Working?

Where are you sending your traffic?

Many frustrated makers come to me, claiming ads are useless!

They did some Facebook ads and it didn't brought any leads or customers!

True is, ads is a lot more complicated than choosing an audience and setting a budget, because the ad itself is only the first part, the awareness and Interest part.

If you are sending your Audience to your Instagram Profile, there may be the problem, if you are sending them to your website, that's better, but we also need to check if the website it's optimized for capturing leads.

What I see the most websites are just an information brochure or a product catalogue.

I will give you what you need to have a converting page as a Maker or Handmade Business Owner.

-Your page must nurture the people, so, your About Page must be very nicely groomed, with your story, picture, and why you are the best option to buy.

Add some content, can be videos, a blog or useful information for the client, and always have your email list form to submit their emails. Have also your Social Media Accounts very Visible.


-You must have Social Proof, if it is available on your website then add a Review system in every product, and feature the best ones in your Home page and About me page, this way people will see there is no risk on buying from you.

Another way of having Social Proof is having a Etsy shop parallel to your website, Why? You may ask; let's put this example, buying from a new page that people hasn't seen before, is a risk, and if they give you their hard earned money and you disappear, there's nothing they can do to get their money back.

On Etsy if this situation happens, that they pay for a product and you disappear Etsy has to respond for you, so the risk is smaller, this is why I recommend you have an Etsy Shop, only for having more eyes on your products and also for people to feel safer when buying from you, then when they buy from you the first time, slip a discount when they buy from your page, you get another sell and a return customer, win win.

After they buy from you they trust you already and it's most likely they'll buy from your shop now.


-Have your shop's policies and refund's policies on place. As I mention before people don't want risk, they want to know what to expect when they buy from you and things don't go very well. Having your policies in place makes them feel safe and it is more likely they buy from you.

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