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Don't ask for advice on Facebook Groups

Hanging out on Facebook, I don't know how I ended up in a group for promotion of your Etsy shop!

You can do post promoting your Etsy shop in that group, which is useless, you may get some sales from some supporter, but believe me when I tell you your Ideal client is not there!

Someone ask for advice, because as most people in that group, her shop was failing, I found this gem:

Funny Comment

I really hope this person was being sarcastic!

Let's analyse one paragraph at the time the HORROR of this comment!

"...Maybe people aren't selling because their product is not good or consumer base is so narrowed down it's like fishing in an ocean for a guppy..."

Whether your product is good or not, it is very irrelevant if you know how to position yourself, of course if you try to sell Doll dresses to a 40 year old single man, your product won't succeed, find your audience and who your product is relevant!

Which takes me to the last part of this paragraph; there are cases where the more you niche down the better, because you will attract the right people for your product, making the marketing so much easier for you, there are products where you can't niche down too much, but you still need to niche down.

Remember in marketing when you're selling to everyone you're selling to no one!

let's move on:

"...If you don't make your craft fair fee or Farmers market fee back between the first couple of hours, it's time to rethink your product..."

WRONG again!

Nobody is born with all the knowledge, maybe you just don't know how to attract people, maybe you're in a bad position on the craft market...

It can be so many other reasons if you're not making your fee back, but rethink your product is too extreme, maybe rethink your strategy to approach to people!

You have to believe me when I told you that everything can be sold if you know how, you won't believe the things I have seen sold out, only because they prepare better their marketing skills!

"...Just because you think is cute doesn't mean that everybody else will, make a product that appeal to ALL AGES and ALL GENDERS..."

I think the first part is already understood. Position yourself the right way and you can sell even water, literally.

ok, this is the craziest part of this comment. How do you appeal to all ages and all genders? what appeals to a 40 year old woman will not be appealing to a teenager.

Let's put a real life example here; My best friend we grow up together, she was born also in Costa Rica, we are the same age and the same gender, and we both live in the Nordics (me in Finland, she in Iceland).

So you can say we are similar culturally, but we are not!!

I prefer fancy and glitter girly stuff and she prefers boho and baggy style!

Even the way we show our country's flag in ours apartment is different (mine is framed hang in the wall, hers is a table cloth)

So we are very similar in our roots, but extremely different in our taste, so try to make a product that appeals to both of us at the same time!

It's almost impossible, and we are only 2 persons, imagine now making a product appealing 100 persons!

Doing a product that appeals to everyone is not only impossible but expensive, your marketing copywriting won't get anywhere so this is just recipe for disaster, which shows (obviously) this person who wrote the comment doesn't have a clue of what he is saying!

"...Just being real from experience..."

I usually don't use Etsy sales to measure success, but as I didn't have much info about this person who wrote the comment, this is the fastest way to measure what he is saying.

So being on Etsy since 2018 and having not even 100 sales it's not what I call successful.

"...Remember, people will always love handmade and seeing the artist in front of them is special..."

Handmade is Awesome, but the industry has grown so much that it is not as special as it should be, and less when you're selling on Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

Your product being handmade is not enough, you still need to attract clients and position yourself!

Not necessary to show your face, your product is your product, you are not your product!!


In these groups there is only people that is somehow desperate for a sale, they have no idea what they are doing and start advising others.

These are not reliable source of information, so please do your research before tweaking your shop!

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