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Don't ask for advice on Facebook Groups

Hanging out on Facebook, I don't know how I ended up in a group for promotion of your Etsy shop! You can do post promoting your Etsy shop in that group, which is useless, you may get some sales from some supporter, but believe me when I tell you your Ideal client is not there! Someone ask for advice, because as most people in that group, her shop was failing, I found this gem: I really hope this person was being sarcastic! Let's analyse one paragraph at the time the HORROR of this comment! "...Maybe people aren't selling because their product is not good or consumer base is so narrowed down it's like fishing in an ocean for a guppy..."...

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The Main Purpose of Social Media

Are you using Social Media to promote your Handmade Product-Based Shop? My guess is you are using it, but are you using it the right way? Truth is, Social Media should be a tool, and everything you do there should have a final goal; it can be getting more sales, gain awareness or build a community. One of the biggest mistakes I see Handmade Shop Owners do is, treating their Social Media account like if it were their personal one; Disorganized, obviously randomly posting, inconsistency on everything and posting unrelated things without a purpose. No wonder why they do a "30 days reels challenge" and end up burn out and without followers! Let's see the Purpose of each social media...

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Build your Brand without Compromising your Privacy

You realized the benefits of having a Brand and want to build your own! But you're scare of your privacy being somehow compromised, because everywhere in the internet says that you should show your face and sell yourself. As a Handmade Product-based shop, this is not true! Most of the advices out there are for Services, not for products. As services lack of a physical product, we need to show our faces in order to make people trust us. On services you are the product! But for Product-based, and more Handmade, you are not your product, your product is your product! You show your face only if you want to, it is not imperative! Now to the point, if you...

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The bubble burst! What to do now?

So, you had a viral video, or an Item that sold like hot cakes for some time! But now, no matter what you do, you don't seem to get the same results, and you're getting desperate. Well, these times the most coaching calls I am receiving is people that had an overnight success selling masks, but now that the vaccination is out there they are not getting as many sales as before! What to do in this case? Let me walk you through on what to do when your video becomes viral or your item is not selling like before. In this guide I won't give you tips to get viral again or have an overnight success again. I will...

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Why are my Etsy, Instagram or Facebook Ads not Working?

Where are you sending your traffic? Many frustrated makers come to me, claiming ads are useless! They did some Facebook ads and it didn't brought any leads or customers! True is, ads is a lot more complicated than choosing an audience and setting a budget, because the ad itself is only the first part, the awareness and Interest part. If you are sending your Audience to your Instagram Profile, there may be the problem, if you are sending them to your website, that's better, but we also need to check if the website it's optimized for capturing leads. What I see the most websites are just an information brochure or a product catalogue. I will give you what you need...

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